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Boarding and Training

We are in the process of restructuring our board and train program to be able to better serve our clients and their dogs.  We will now only provide board and train services to four dogs at a time and all dogs will given ample daily attention and training.  

Please contact Sami for more information, pricing and availability during this period of reorganization.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

***When a dog is ready to return home from his/her stay, Sami will personally deliver the dog home and work with the owners to successfully transfer the training as well as work on any training needs specific to the owner's home. 

Refreshers are available to dogs that have already been through our B&T programs previously at a rate of $45/day

Basic obedience commands include (but not limited to):

Walking on a loose leash





Sit for exam

Stand for exam



Leave it





Hand signals for Heel,  Finish, Come,  Sit,  Down, Stay, and Stand


Off leash training and behavioral modification also available. All training includes a daily walk, hike, or bike ride and a minimum of 2-3 training sessions a day that usually last 30-45 minutes each.

Please provide your dog(s)' own food and bedding for their stay with us.  Please make sure their food is in a plastic container or tub with a lid.  If you bring your dog's food in a bag, I will put it in one of my containers, however, I will not be able to return any extra food to you at the end of your dog's stay. If your dog is on medication, I will be happy to give it at no extra charge, however, please make sure that prescription medications are in their ORIGINAL bottles.  I cannot give prescription medications if they are not in the original bottles with the veterinarian's instructions.  You are also welcome and encouraged to bring any treats, toys, chews, and/or bones that your dog(s) might enjoy during their time at "camp".

Please download and fill out the check in form (below) and bring it with you when you drop off your dog.

 Canine Boarding/Training Check In Form

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no dropping off or picking up of dogs on a major holiday!!  Affected holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas day, New Years Eve day, New Years Day, Easter, and Fourth of July.


 Below:  Front and side views of "The Doghouse", a six kennel building with adjacent runs



Shadow (below) and Teagan (below-right) enjoying country life