Gentle Persuasions
Dog Training

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Private Training

Gentle Persuasions is proud to offer private in-home dog training for the Northern Colorado area.  We offer everything from basic obedience to solving problem behaviors such as separation anxiety, aggression, or just unruly behavior.  Individual sessions are $85/hr with discounts available for packaged sessions.
Commands taught can include:
Walking on a loose leash
Sit for Exam
Stand for Exam
Leave it
All commands can be taught both on and off leash so your dog will listen no matter the situation.

We are starting a new at home intensive training program were Sami comes to your house to work with your dog up to 4 days a week for one on one training with your dog.  This is a great program for dogs and owners that need a little extra help or for owners that don't have the time or ability to work with their dog on a regular basis.  The owners don't have to be present for all training, but at least one session a week will need to be scheduled with owner's present to teach them what the dog is learning.  Dogs will be worked around their neighborhood as well as taken out on training adventures to local parks and stores.

Package of 4 training sessions - $320 (must be used within one month of purchase)

Total training package - 4 days a week of training, 16 training sessi
ons/month - $1200