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Available Dogs


Koda is a 2.5 year old male German Shepherd and weighs approximately 70 pounds. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations, deworming, and heartworm prevention. In addition, he has been fully health tested including OFA excellent hips and OFA normal elbows. He will have OFA testing on his patella and heart in a few weeks. Additional testing can be performed at buyer’s expense.

Koda has been in training for two full years, the first of which (from 6 months to 18 months of age) consisted of extensive socialization as well as basic manners and obedience training. This last year he has been in intensive service dog training including over 500 hours of public access training 

as well as task training. Koda has been trained for tasks to cover a wide variety of disabilities including but not limited to PTSD, anxiety, medical response, and mobility/support. He will most likely need additional training for individualized tasks once he has a specific handler. His tasks include:

Cover (Stand stay in front of handler to create space)

Block (Stand stay behind handler to create space or block people from approaching from behind)

Around (circling handler to create space)

Retrieving dropped items

Opening/closing doors

Opening/closing cabinets

Removing socks/coats

Tasks in progress:


Pushing handicap buttons to open doors


Turning on/off lights

Targeted retrieval with laser pointer

Carrying objects (such as grocery bags)

When working, Koda is confident, calm and focused on the job. He LOVES to work and will give his all to whatever is asked of him. He is non-reactive to noises, strange sights, children and adults of all sizes and ages, and other dogs. He has been exposed to everything a big city has to offer including buses, crowds, heavy machinery, traffic, loud noises, and people of all races and walks of life. He has trained at the 16th Street Mall and Casa Bonita in Denver, carnivals, rodeos/stock shows, theaters, numerous restaurants, school concerts and activities, grocery stores, and several trips to town per week for regular errands over the last year. He knows what is expected of him while working in public and other than occasional guidance, his public access skills are pretty much automatic.

Koda has over 1000 hours of training and is priced accordingly. He will not be sold on a first come first serve basis, but rather based on handler experience, task needs, and overall lifestyle and temperament fit. Included in his selling price is 2 weeks of training with his new handler (at my location in northern Colorado) to help with a successful transfer as well as lifelong refresher training. Koda is offered for sale to the perfect working home for $15,000.

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