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All horses are guaranteed sound unless otherwise stated. Potential buyers are encouraged to view a horse several times over several different days to make sure that the horse will be a good match and the buyer will be happy with the purchase. Most of the horses being sold are either untrained or green broke so buyers need to be aware of the risks involved in working with these type of horses. It is strongly suggested that an inexperienced horseperson bring along either a trainer or experienced rider/handler when looking at horses to make sure they are purchasing the correct horse for their knowledge and comfort level. Vet checks are also recommended and welcome. All horses sell with 4 free lessons to help the new owner and horse acclimate and for the owners to understand how horses have been taught on the ground and in the saddle.

If, after purchase, a buyer decides to return the horse, they have three (3) days to return the horse to Gentle Persuasions training for a full refund of purchase price. After that 3 days, a buyer has up until thirty (30) days to return the horse for a credit (of original purchase price) towards the purchase of a different horse. All returned horses must be in original purchased condition meaning health and soundness must be the same as when purchased, and no new behavioral or training problems may be present. If a returned horse is not in original purchased condition, Gentle Persuasions retains the right to reduce the refund given (given as a percentage of original purchase price) or refuse the return altogether. If a horse is returned after 30 days from date of purchase, the purchase price will be forfeited.

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