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Affordable and effective training for all dogs!

Gentle Persuasions training focuses on the use of balanced training to teach all dogs, no matter the age, breed, history, or size, to be well mannered, useful members of society. No dog is too unruly, uncontrollable, or obstreperous to be in our training program, and we pride ourselves on being able to help the "lost causes". We offer training programs for the pet dog, for "problem" dogs, as well as for therapy and service dogs. Our boarding and training option is perfect for dogs that need more intensive training, or for busy owners who don't have the time to work consistently with their dogs, but still want a well trained pet. The most economical training option is our dog training classes. We offer classes throughout the year either at select indoor locations, or outdoors at local parks during warmer months.

Dog Training Services

Below: Group down stay

Five year old Kayla walking 120 lb Zeus. Zeus had been in training for 2 weeks at this point. He came to me because he was uncontrollable and starting fights with other dogs. Pic on left is Zeus at home after training.

Off Leash Down Stay in Old Town Ft Collins

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