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Riding Lessons

Lessons focus on building rider confidence, balance, and communication with the horse. Riders will learn all basic horsemanship including catching, haltering, grooming, saddling and bridling, lunging, and riding.

Horsemanship Lessons

Horsemanship lessons cover everything included in riding lessons, however we go more in-depth into true horsemanship. This includes horse nutrition and care, vaccinations and dewormings, basic training, hoof care, equine first aide, etc. All training is done using natural horsemanship techniques.

Riding and Horsemanship lesson RATES

You can come to me or I can bring the horses to you.

$20/hr if you come to me (individuals)

$30/hr (family)

$35/hr if I bring the horses to you (within Ft Collins/Wellington area; travel charges for further distances)

Also, you are welcome to bring your own horse for lessons and use my round pen and arena or I can come to your place and give you a lesson on your horse for $25/hr. If client's horses are used for lessons, a free evaluation of the horse must occur before lessons begin.

New Client Special:

$75 - 4 individual lessons

$115 - 4 family lessons

$180 - 10 individual lessons

$280 - 10 family lessons


Baby was my very first horse. I have had her since I was 14 and she is truly a "been there, done that" type of horse. She has my high school barrel horse, she has been jumped, roped off of, chased cows, swum in the ocean, trail ridden in the mountains, and is currently living a semi-retired life as a lesson horse. 


Vegas is truly a once in a lifetime horse. She is an Indian Shuffler (or maybe better known as a gaited appaloosa) and is the equivalent of riding a couch. While Vegas tends to be "too easy" for any adult who is an advanced beginning rider or better, she is the PERFECT confidence booster for the timid rider or child. She is so smooth to ride that kids who normally fear the faster gaits on other lesson horses can't wait to get Vegas warmed up so they can start loping! 


Twig is Baby's daughter and is 7 years old. She is pictured below at 2 weeks and 6 years. While Twig is not for beginners just yet, she is currently being used for more advanced students.

Sadly, we lost Twiga on Feb. 8th 2014 to severe colic. She was just a few months shy of her 11th birthday. She will be missed.

Our Ponies


Lexi is an adorable 2 year old paint pony filly. While not old enough to ride, she is PERFECT for kids to play with on the ground. She is unflappable for such a young horse and absolutely loves people, especially kids. Lexi will spend the next year (until she is old enough to start riding) instilling in children a love for all things equine. You can't help but just fall in love with this little cutie!

 Indigo (Indi)

Indi was born on our ranch last July and unfortunately his mother never produced milk. So Indi was bottle raised for the first week of life before we switched him to bucket feeding. He even had his very own dairy goats to supply his milk! Indi is now a happy, healthy, 9 month old who will one day join the ranks of the lesson ponies.

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